Episode 2: Career Development

For our second episode we wanted to talk about career development, as it’s been a hot topic within our friend group lately. We talk about what we did to get our recent promotions and then have special guest, Stephanie Tadder, a recruiting manager with twenty years experience in the staffing industry on to talk all about interviews. This is a topic that’s very important to us, so we hope you enjoy!

Dress For Success Site: https://desmoines.dressforsuccess.org/

Dog of the Week

“Hawking is our year and a half old cocker spaniel mix puppy. We adopted him from Forever Dog Homes here in the Des Moines area. They brought him and his siblings from Ohio. He loves to play with his ball, stuffed duck, frisbee, getting into Kleenexes, and basically any toy he can find. He absolutely LOVES water and car rides! He gives some of the most amazing hugs and you can’t deny them because he will fight you until you let him give you a hug. He has some pretty amazing eyebrows and even has a mustache. He’s the most energetic, well behaved boy. He broke his leg when he was about 4 months old and acts like nothing happened. He is currently At a 10 day training camp to work more on distractions, no leash pulling, and jumping on people with first meeting and he is doing so well!” -Hawking’s mom, Kendra

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That’s all for this week! We hope you enjoy this episode and continue to tune in to At Home with the Hillebrands!

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