Episode 8: Happy Hilloween

Welcome home everyone! This week we discuss our favorite things about Halloween, how we’re celebrating it this year, and answer some Halloween related listener questions. Then we roll into our weekly segments and end by talking about the amazing disability event we attended this week. Grab your favorite Halloween candy and come hang out with us.

Dog of the Week

“What can I say about this ten year old boy?! He still acts like a puppy and doesn’t know an enemy, unless you are a cat or a  squirrel or even a rabbit. If you ever saw the movie Marley and Me Dempsey is even more naughty than that! When I first got Dempsey and my first trip up to my parents house my mom mad Dempsey wear a diaper! He walked around the house trying to rip it off! I felt so bad for him.  I think every time I have gone up to clear lake with the dog he has made a mess in my parents house…. let’s just say he has some big sucking up to do to them. 
Dempsey has a troubled past before I adopted him almost 9 or ten years ago. After I had him for a few months I noticed a bump at the base of his tail and took him to the vet, after some examination it was  determine  that  The bump was a bullet. What the vet thinks is D was living on the street and he was in someone trash so they shot him to scare him and get away.
D doesn’t know how good he has it at home I spoil him, he loves vanilla ice cream, walks and car rides. If I didn’t know any better I would say D is a  magician, he has ran away at least half a dozen times, for some reason he likes to run to a house about a mile to the North of me, the house has gotten Dempsey 2 times now. 
As much as he runs away and is a little poop I love him to death. Every night he beats me to bed and he demands to sleep under the covers between my legs.” – Dempsey’s dad, Patrick

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That’s all for this week! We hope you enjoy this episode and continue to tune in to At Home with the Hillebrands!

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