Episode 20: Goals, Gundams, and Getting Stuff Done

Welcome home everyone! This week we talk about our week in review, how we’re doing on our 2020 goals, and introduce a new segment: charity of the week! Tune in to hear more about these things as well as the scoop on an exciting announcement we’ll be posting on our Facebook page later this week!

Dog of the Week

“This is Jenny, the Puggle. I’ve had her since I was 11 years old and she’s my best friend. Her health hasn’t been the best lately and she almost had to be put down, but our vet didn’t give up on her and decided to try acupuncture, so now she’s being given a second chance and has been showing improvement every day! We drove through a snow storm when she lost the use of her back legs and the vet was able to help alleviate some of the pain with steroid shots and the start of her acupuncture therapy. Jenny loves her stuffed hedgehogs who have been keeping her company during her healing process. Jenny is the best and most brave doggie warrior!” – Jenny’s mom, Emily

Charity of the Week:
Central Iowa Shelter & Services

“Since 1992 Central Iowa Shelter & Services’ mission is to provide low-barrier shelter, meals and support services at no cost to adults experiencing homelessness and to facilitate their move toward self-sufficiency.

Approximately 2,000 women and men experiencing homelessness have received emergency shelter and supportive services to help them move beyond homelessness each year. 

In September 2012, CISS opened its new facility. The facility grew from being 8,000 square feet and 96 beds to 207 beds and 42,000 square feet. It is equipped to provide expanded emergency shelter (150 beds); expanded transitional housing for Veterans (19 rooms); and Section 8 Project-Based Voucher efficiency apartments (38 rooms). Along with expanded housing capacity, CISS also provides an on-site health clinic, food pantry, clothing closet, classrooms, and a 30-foot growing dome.

All guests and residents are provided evening and breakfast meals; access to shower and laundry facilities, a weekly medical clinic, and group counseling; as well as individualized case management, life skills instruction, and referrals to other community services/benefits. ” –CISS About Us Page

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