Episode 24: Motivation Proclamation

Welcome home everyone! This week we talk all about how to GET motivated and STAY motivated. Tune in to hear our top ten motivational tips with real life examples!

Dog of the Week

“The names Murphy. I am a 4 year old goldendoodle stationed at ft bliss. I like long runs with my human, chasing blue balls (legit) and humping my brother, Trigger. The bitches love me for my doggy style!” – Murphy’s Mom, Shannon

Charity of the Week:
The Pet Project Midwest

“The Pet Project Midwest (TPPM) is making the world a better place through kindness to animals. The Pet Project Midwest is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping pets with the people who love them through proactive programming. We receive financial support through private donations, corporate sponsorships and grants. Our management team is an unsalaried board of directors.” – TPPM Website

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