Episode 43: Summer Lovin’

Welcome home everyone! Its time for another segment of our Top 5 Favorites. Join us as we each talk about our five favorites from the past several weeks, as well as present everyone’s favorite segments!

Dog of the Week

“Luna is a 10 month old Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix, with a pronounced overbite and very floppy, expressive ears. Hobbies include trying to get every dog she meets to play with her, fetch, and eating sticks. She loves all people and demands attention and pets, but watch out or she’ll steal your spot on the couch.” Luna’s dad, Adam

Charity of the Week:
National Federation of the Blind

“The National Federation of the Blind is the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans. Founded in 1940 and currently headquartered in Baltimore, the NFB consists of affiliates, chapters, and divisions in all fifty states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Through our network of blind members, we coordinate many programs, services, and resources to defend the rights of blind Americans, provide information and support to blind children and adults, and build a community that creates a future full of opportunities.

We are the only organization that believes in the full capacity of blind people and has the power to transform our dreams into reality. We believe in blind people because we are blind people—from our democratically elected leaders to our diverse nationwide membership.” – NFB

Nevada Chapter: https://www.nfbnevada.org/

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