Episode 47: Cookbook Chit Chat

Welcome home everyone! Make sure you have a snack ready because you’ll be hungry by the end of this episode…we’re talking all about our cookbook progress and plans!

Dog of the Week

“This is a story of how I met my best companion with the BIG ears.

I was driving one February day, 2011, in the Bay Area, taking an off ramp to the 80 freeway, when I noted two police cars parked across in the lane opposite of me. In front of them was a whirl of ginger brown, tongue out eyes wide, running in the traffic. I quickly pulled over and offered to help as I had dog treats in my car and a lead. The blur of fur came across the street and was headed up the overpass sidewalk when I quickly cut him off at the pass by laying down right in front of him and grabbing him in my arms. What I held was a small, mix of a dog, with ginormous ears. I thought maybe part Corgi?, skinny as a rail, unaltered and no collar. The officers were relieved that this duty was over, and I asked them what the little guys fate was. “Well, we will probably take him to the local shelter unless you would like to take him”?  I quickly assessed and remembering my curmudgeon of a landlord and no Dog Policy I said, “I can’t, but I can take him back to Marin Humane Society”.

Marin is known for the quality life 4 leggers lead, and he will surely land in a home of Gourmet biscuits, and overstuffed beds. So off we went, I cancelled my plans to go to the East Bay and routed back home with every intention of dropping him off on the way. Now this dog has the most unearthly deep and soulful brown eyes you ever saw, and he was so polite. I stopped by to show my then boyfriend and gave him some wet food and water, we agreed that we can take him the following day to the Humane Society, tonight we would show him some love and a break from the stresses of freeway surfing.

Well, with that, we played around with names, but were not keeping him, he is so cute, but we are not keeping him… he looks like Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, see that mole on his face? Yes, that would be a great name for him! After failing miserably at getting him from point A to point B and having one on one time with the little gent, we caved. We wanted him in our life, no matter what it took.  The landlord found out, shortly after we moved into a Pet friendly townhouse together, and have never looked back……..<3    ” – Lemmy’s mom, Julie

Charity of the Week:
Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation

“The mission of the Northern Nevada R.A.V.E. Family Foundation (RAVE) is to improve the well-being of Nevada families by providing respite to families caring for young and adult children and with special needs. RAVE a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization accomplishes this by training youth volunteers to care for these exceptional children. RAVE currently has three respite programs available in order to accomplish this mission (1) RAVE Family Center, (2) Jr. RAVE and (3) Teen RAVE.

RAVE was established in October 1995 through a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with the overall goal to prevent child abuse and neglect for children with special needs and/or disabilities. In 1998, RAVE became an independent nonprofit organization. Ever since, we have provided respite care to Nevada families who care for young children with disabilities, special health care needs, and children in foster care.

“RAVE” itself is an acronym for Respite And Volunteer Experiences. Thusly, RAVE boasts dynamic and community-based programs that provide respite care. Respite is an essential break given to caregivers of children with disabilities, special health care needs, children in foster care, and their siblings while training youth volunteers to carry on the spirit of this work into our community. Our programs are provided to families residing in Northern Nevada caring for loved ones from 3 months of age to 22 years old with a diagnosed disability, special health care need, children in foster care, and their siblings in the home who are considered typically developing. By providing temporary emotional relief from the constant care and loving attention our families provide essentially to their children, we are allowing a reprieve that strengthens the quality of care parents and guardians deliver. With time to disconnect, relax, unwind, or enjoy activities not typically available to families caring for a child with special needs, caregivers can return to their crucial role for these children with less stress and a renewed spirit. Not only do our programs provide highly-needed breaks for caregivers from the extra care their children require, but our center and community based programs creates a space for children to just be kids in a safe, fun, and social environment.

Since our very beginning, RAVE has consistently worked towards expanding our impact as well as our capacity to benefit the disability community in Northern Nevada. What began as an organization with a specific and singular focus on young children with disabilities has evolved into a multifaceted and far-reaching force that now serves children in foster care and children and young adults with disabilities from ages 7-22. As an organization dedicated to strengthening and maintaining families, we also care for siblings of the children we serve if they fall into the same age range.” – RAVE

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