Episode 51: Hipster Actors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Welcome home everyone! Join us this week as we discuss our favorite actors and make sure to come back next week to hear about our favorite actresses! Who are your favorite actors?

Dog of the Week

“Her name is Beatrice and she’s an English setter. She joined our family on my father’s birthday. She’s much better behaved now, but as a young pup, she was always getting into trouble. Because of that, I started calling her beelzebub, which over time shortened to BB or Beezy, both of which are nicknamed that everyone in the family have adopted for her so well” – Beatrice’s brother, Matthaniel

Charity of the Week:

“GlobalGiving’s disaster relief funds support immediate and long-term relief and recovery work to areas impacted by disasters, such as the California wildfires and COVID-19. Initially, these funds will give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations in the affected regions.” – GlobalGiving

Fall For Crafting HumbeBundle Benefitting GlobalGiving

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