Episode 56: Hilloween: The Sequel

Welcome home everyone! Join us this week as we talk about our plans for Halloween this year as well as our favorite Halloween related things! Join us next week for our Love Languages special!

Dog of the Week

“My name is Madden Marie Уильям Byrne. I am a Bullet Hound. My birth mama was a Basset Hound and my father was a French Bulldog. I’m 18 months old. As you can see, I have a two middle names. One is female, because my mommy thought it had a nice ring to it, the Russian one means William, and I’m named after someone my mommy was really close to. My favorite things are bones, cuddles, running around like a crazy doggo, belly rubs, beating up the Shiba Inu next door, and my human sisters Keelan and Saoirse. I’m a fun dog full of a lot of energy, and I smile constantly. Now, if only my mom would just let me eat dead birds, life would be perfect.” – Madden’s mom, Karina

Charity of the Week:
Table to Table

The mission of Table to Table is to keep wholesome, edible food from going to waste by collecting it from donors and distributing to those in need through agencies that serve the hungry, homeless and at-risk populations.

Since we began in April of 1996, Table to Table volunteers have rescued and distributed over 20 million pounds of food to area agencies.” – Table to Table

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