Episode 62: 2020 In Review

Welcome home everyone! Join us for our last episode of 2020! This week’s episode is all about our year in review-make sure to come back next week for our 2021 goals!

Dog of the Week

Age: 8
Nicknames: Schmoop, my Bubala, little man
Likes: cucumbers, his man cave under the bed, howling with his sister Daisy
Dislikes: when his mom isn’t home

Cooper is definitely the needy one. Mom is his primary and he hates when she isn’t home, sitting by the front door waiting until she returns. But once she’s home he’s just out for attention from whomever he can get it from. Guests are always treated to his high energy brand of flirting. Fun fact: he is puppy buddies with Fritzie!” – Cooper’s mom, Jenn

Charity of the Week:
Greater Des Moines Music Coalition

What is the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition?

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and collaborative movement committed to building a stronger and more diverse music community in greater Des Moines.

Through our mission to support and cultivate Iowa’s music economy, our vision is to establish and maintain Des Moines as a nationally recognized music city.

What exactly does the DMMC do?

  • We put on the 80/35 music festival annually, and this is our 12th year!
  • We support local music by putting on Little BIG Fest and Gross Domestic Product, two festivals focusing on different genres of local acts.
  • We produce Music University, a program designed to incorporate new and diverse ways to engage local musicians in professional development opportunities.
  • We provide startup funding/sponsorships to music related events and organizations.
  • We promote Iowa music on our blog, in our newsletter, and through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram by sharing news, upcoming shows, music, videos, reviews, and more.
  • We work in conjunction with other arts organizations in central Iowa through efforts, such as Capital Crossroads to strategize, plan, and execute music-related concepts that will have a positive impact on our community.” – DMMC

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