Episode 74: Say Hello to Olive

Welcome home everyone! Join us this week as we introduce our newest family member, Olive! We’re also announcing the winner of our latest giveaway!

Pet of the Week

“Meet Olive-the newest member of the Hillefam! Olive is our new kitty who was born on March 16th, 2021, and came home with us on April 23rd. Her full name is Olive Jo Mary Hillebrand. Her first name comes from Bart’s first cat, Oliver, and her middle name comes from Bart’s grandma who was a huge animal lover and shared a birthday with Bart, Jo Mary. She is settling into our home even better than expected and is turning Pippi into a big softie. We’ve started calling them Mama Dog and Baby Cat because of how they act together. Olive goes from 0-100 and back down to 0 at the drop of a pin. She will wake up from a deep sleep ready to play, but can also fall asleep on you right after zoomies. We love her so much already!” – Olive’s parents, Bart & Paige

Charity of the Week:
Everybody Wins! Iowa

“Our mission statement: To increase children’s success in school and life through one-to-one reading and mentoring experiences with caring volunteers.

How does everybody win?
Students win by enjoying consistent and positive interactions with caring adults.
Volunteers win by enjoying meaningful and worthwhile experiences and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a positive impact on the future of a young child.
Schools win by seeing improvement in their students’ literacy skills without assuming any administrative burden or cost.
Companies win by offering a simple, efficient way to enhance employee morale and from the positive effects of providing a valuable service to the community.

The Everybody Wins! program was founded in New York by Arthur Tannenbaum and his wife Phyllis. They had always read aloud to their children and reading aloud together was an important time for them to come together after a long day. It helped the Tannenbaums to instill a lifelong love of reading in their children. Arthur picked up a copy of the Read-Aloud Handbook, written by Jim Trelease after reading a book review in the New York Times. Arthur appreciated how important the read-aloud experience was for children, and realized that there were many children who didn’t have that opportunity to read with an adult in their daily lives.
Trelease wrote that reading aloud to children was the single most important factor in improving children’s literacy skills–but what happens to those children who never had that opportunity?
Arthur saw a chance to make a difference by visiting a neighborhood school once a week during his lunchtime and read to a child. He quickly recruited co-workers to join him in his weekly “Power Lunch.” Soon, the volunteers’ impact became obvious. Children in the program were learning to love reading, they were gaining self-confidence, and they were becoming better readers. This simple program has an enormously powerful impact! Soon Arthur retired from his job and founded Everybody Wins! as a nonprofit in New York.
This program quickly spread, and was brought to Iowa in 2002 after Senator Tom Harkin participated in an Everybody Wins! DC program and knew it could benefit children in Iowa. The original Everybody Wins! reorganized in 2013 as Read Ahead and all of the other affiliates are now stand-alone organizations.” – Everybody Wins! Iowa

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