About Us

The Hillebrands: Bart and Paige met in 2012 and were married in 2018. During that time, they’ve lived in Oregon and Iowa and have worked in various industries where they’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and now they want to bring their knowledge and stories to you.

Bart: Bart is a Quality Assurance Analyst who was born and raised in Iowa. He spends his free time playing video games, building Gundam models, and explaining to people that he’s not mad-that’s just his face.

Paige: Paige is an Operations Analyst who was born in San Diego, California and moved to Iowa when she was 18. She spends her free time crafting, baking, and hyping up her friends.

Pippi: Pippi is an Aussie-Heeler who was born in Oregon where she was rescued by Bart and Paige and now lives in Iowa with them. In her free tome she enjoys napping, eating tortilla chips, and being a trash baby.